10 Essential Key to Become a Software Developer

1. Write It Out Before You Code

Before you ever actually write the code, it is a good habit to jot down the algorithm/pseudocode. You can plan your code by writing it down before you transfer it to the computer. It is possible to save time by writing down the functions and classes that you will use, along with how they will interact. This restriction is more time-consuming but will make you a better software Developer.

2. Keep a Checklist of Tasks

It is a good idea to break down the more complex tasks when you implement a feature. These smaller tasks can then be broken down into smaller, clearer tasks that can be individually tested. Once you have completed the task, keep a list of small and achievable tasks that you can tick off. This will give you an extra boost and encourage you to tick more boxes. You can either keep the checklist in a book, or in any other software.

3. Follow Proper Version Control Techniques

A proper version control strategy should include creating master, develop, and feature branches as well as having access policies in place. If this is not done, talk to your mentors. Before you begin coding, make sure to pull the most recent version of your codebase before you begin. After a piece of logic or functionality has been completed, commit/push your code.

Do not leave your codebase uncommitted for too long. Before committing your code to version control, always test it on a local machine. No matter how small the change, it is important to always check the diff of modified files before pushing code. This will allow you to keep track of any unexpected changes and avoid unneeded bugs.

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