13 Best Blockchain Jobs Opportunities for A Bright Future

There is a lot of discussion about blockchain and how it will transform the world. Many people still don’t understand the Blockchain and its workings.

One thing is certain: the Blockchain will not be going away. This creates new job opportunities in the future. This blog post will discuss the many benefits of working within the Blockchain industry as well as some of the high-demand jobs in the future.

If you are interested in a career in this fascinating field, continue reading.

Blockchain for those who don’t yet know.

What is Blockchain and How is it used?

Blockchain is a decentralized immutable ledger that records economic transactions. It cannot be hacked or corrupted. It is still changing the world because of its almost infinite potential for good and evil.

Secure Identity

Blockchain technology can be used to secure our identities, decentralize the internet, and host immutable data sets. Cryptocurrency is the most common use of blockchain technology at present. Cryptocurrency, a new digital asset that uses cryptography for secure transactions, is called cryptocurrency. There are many cryptocurrencies available, but the most widely used are Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Job Opportunity

When discussing job opportunities we tend to think about creating new jobs and not necessarily ending existing ones. There are many job opportunities that could be lost with the advent of blockchain technology.

Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers

These intermediaries include lawyers, accountants, and bankers, who were previously required to keep records and validate transactions between people or organizations. The validation process is time-consuming and expensive, which results in higher transaction costs for both consumers and businesses.

Keep a record

Blockchains will make all of these recordkeepers obsolete. At least, that’s the theory. Because they might not be necessary when dealing with other users of the same network. To validate a transaction, simply enter your password and hit submit. That’s it!

But, what about the job loss?

It’s not as bad as you might think. Blockchain technology will open up new employment avenues.

This is true for any technological advancement. However, documented cases show that the fears of automation and job loss due to technology are only temporary.

Are ATMs a replacement for bank tellers?

According to Benzinga, this was the case with ATMs which were supposed to replace bank tellers. Once people became more comfortable with ATMs, they began to place more machines outside of branch offices. This allowed them to hire more staff to provide customer service (answering withdrawal questions, etc.). ).

It is possible that similar things could occur when blockchain technology makes its way into the mainstream. Big companies might allow users to transact on the network without the need for intermediaries, and then slowly validate these transactions. This could lead to more opportunities for those who are able to provide customer support (i.e. people who work at any of the offices of any blockchain company, Circle, Coinbase, or otherwise).

As with all technological advances, there are high chances that some risk-taking will lead to successful startups that will leverage the potential of blockchain technology to create value for their customers.

The New Digital Business Model

While these companies might not be involved in financial transactions, they can create new business models using digital technology. The current trend in peer-to-peer markets has seen online retailers eliminate middlemen who are responsible for curating products.

What does it mean to be a middle person?

The likes of Etsy, Kickstarter, and Airbnb are already doing well without middlemen. It may take some time for this to happen, as blockchain technology is not yet mainstream. It will take some time for it to become widespread enough to replace existing business models. However, there will be fewer job losses than manual labor. Its potential to transform existing business models and create new ones is undisputed.

What will these new BlockChain jobs look like?

It will be fascinating to see the new jobs that blockchain technology creates. Consider other technological advancements like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and 3D Printing. There are specific roles that have been created that were not available before.

The Best Jobs for Blockchain Lovers:

It’s possible that blockchain technology will lead to similar job opportunities in the future. Here they are:

1. Blockchain Expert

This job is one of the most sought-after jobs in the world right now, as there aren’t enough people who can understand and use this technology.

You will need to have a solid understanding of Blockchain and its built-in programming language (e.g. Solidity, Javascript) in order to create decentralized applications. There is a shortage of blockchain experts at the moment. However, once people get better acquainted with blockchains, they will be able to create new developers, which will lead to new jobs for those who are skilled in this field.

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The Tech Trend is a leading platform of news & information on the latest Tech, Business Growth, Startup, Digital Innovation, Reviews, Fintech, & many more.

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