How To Hire A Hacker: A Complete Guide

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Recent studies show that data breaches are not only becoming more common but also more costly. Finding the best way to prevent hacks becomes a crucial task when there are such high stakes. Hiring an ethical hacker is one solution.

This article explains what white hat hackers are, why you may want to hire a hacker, and how to prevent your company from being hacked by an ethical hacker. You can find one by searching online or posting a job.

Why would you need to hire a hacker?

White hat hackers or ethical hackers are hired by organizations to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within their computer systems, networks, and websites. These professionals employ the same skills and methods as malicious hackers but only with the permission and guidance of the organization.

There are many reasons to hire a hacker, even if you have a very competent IT department. Hackers are familiar with the current methods of hacking, which may be unknown to your IT staff. Ethical hackers are just as curious as malicious hackers, and they will always be aware of the latest threats. The outsider’s perspective can be very beneficial to any department. They will see things you never noticed before.

Explain that hiring an ethical hacker is not to test your IT department’s capabilities. It’s a temporary, additional measure to create a secure infrastructure capable of surviving any cyber threats malicious hackers may throw their way.

What does a professional hacker do?

Hackers who are ethical try to gain unauthorized access to data, computer systems, or networks of your company — all with the consent of that company.

Professional hackers follow this code of conduct. They:

  • Be sure to follow the law and get approval before you attempt a hack.
  • Define the scope of the project so that their work remains within your company boundaries and does not venture into illegal territory.
  • Report vulnerabilities, letting your company know all the vulnerabilities that they discovered during their hacking and offers solutions to fix them.
  • You respect your data, and you are willing to sign an agreement of non-disclosure.

How do you hire a hacker safely and successfully?

Here are some steps to follow when hiring white-hat hackers and avoiding black-hat hackers.

Hire a hacker from a reputable recruitment site or service

You might turn to the dark internet in your search for a hacker. If television and movies are to believe, even reputable hackers work in the dark. What is the dark net, and can you hire hackers from there?

Surface web is all the public-facing websites you can access using browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. The surface web is what everyone knows and only makes up 5% of the internet.

Deep web is the majority of the internet. It contains data like legal files, government databases, and private information. Dark websites are those that can only be accessed by specialized browsers. This is where the majority of illegal online activities take place.

It’s dangerous to hire hackers on the dark web because you never know who you’re talking to or if they are scammers. The dark web is also more likely to infect your computer with computer viruses because there’s so much malicious content.

It’s not recommended to search for ethical hackers on the dark Web. Searching for ethical hackers on the dark Web is not recommended. Hire a professional from an organization that has a directory of ethical hackers, or use a professional cybersecurity company.

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