How To Patent An Idea: 6 Steps Process

Why Patenting an Idea is Worth It

The Investment Needed to Patent an Idea

How to Patent An idea: 6 Steps Process

Step 1: Verify that the idea is eligible for a patent

  • Patents must be original and non-obvious. This means that the invention or idea must be entirely new.
    Your idea will not be granted a patent if it has been described in a patent application or invented by someone else.
  • Patents cannot combine two obvious or known things. You must have a unique idea or a distinctive way of combining them.
  • A patentable idea can’t be too abstract. Let’s take, for example, a mathematical formula you wish to patent. Patentability is denied if the formula is not directly tied to an application or process. To be eligible, your concept must be practical and applicable in real life.
  • Patents are not available for natural discoveries. If you are hiking and discovering a new animal in the woods, you cannot patent it.
  • Your patent use must be clear and not speculative. You can’t assume that high doses of a potent plant extract will cure cancer if you make an anti-aging cream. To obtain a patent, you will need to describe the process.



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