How To Patent An Idea: 6 Steps Process

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You can’t patent an idea by itself. If you follow the correct process, you can take a great idea and eventually file a patent on it. If you follow this step-by-step guide on how to patent an idea, this won’t be a problem.

Why Patenting an Idea is Worth It

Patents are essential for protecting a new invention. Patents can be used to protect specific products, designs, and processes that meet specific criteria. A patent protects your idea for as long as 20 years. After the patent is granted, You will have exclusive rights to create, use, and sell your invention. This basically gives you a monopoly-like edge over your idea.

You can use a patent to stop others from doing the same thing, That infringes upon your patent. You could potentially sell the rights to use your invention to other companies, making significant profits from the idea.

You can sue someone for breaching your patent for a substantial amount of money. It is worth noting, however, that legal fees for bringing someone to court regarding a patent violation can prove costly.

The Investment Needed to Patent an Idea

It is not cheap how to get a patent on an idea. You’ll quickly discover that you need to make a prototype of your patent before you can file anything to protect it. This investment will vary depending on how complex your idea is.

It takes about 18 to 24 months for a patent to be granted in the United States. This process will likely require you to invest between $10,000 and $25,000

An online legal service such as LegalZoom makes patenting your idea much simpler. This service will guide you through the process of getting a utility patent and a design patent. Consultations with USPTO-registered patent attorneys, patent searches, and technical illustration assistance are all available. They also offer electronic filing and application preparation.

LegalZoom can also be used to file a provisional Patent. This allows you to defend your idea against any competition while you are working on the paperwork. This allows you to market your idea while it is “patent pending” before the official patent is granted.

LegalZoom’s provisional services for patent protection start at $199, plus filing fees. Design patent services and utility patent services start at $699 each.

How to Patent An idea: 6 Steps Process

Are you ready to patent your idea? Follow the steps below on how to patent your idea.

Step 1: Verify that the idea is eligible for a patent

Before proceeding through a lengthy with a long and costly process, You must ensure that your idea is eligible for patent protection.

Patenting every invention or idea is not possible for all ideas. For the full requirements, you can refer to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, here is a summary to help you get started.

  • Patents must be original and non-obvious. This means that the invention or idea must be entirely new.
    Your idea will not be granted a patent if it has been described in a patent application or invented by someone else.
  • Patents cannot combine two obvious or known things. You must have a unique idea or a distinctive way of combining them.
  • A patentable idea can’t be too abstract. Let’s take, for example, a mathematical formula you wish to patent. Patentability is denied if the formula is not directly tied to an application or process. To be eligible, your concept must be practical and applicable in real life.
  • Patents are not available for natural discoveries. If you are hiking and discovering a new animal in the woods, you cannot patent it.
  • Your patent use must be clear and not speculative. You can’t assume that high doses of a potent plant extract will cure cancer if you make an anti-aging cream. To obtain a patent, you will need to describe the process.

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