How to Use IoT in the Logistics Industry

Role IoT in Logistics

We have witnessed a significant shift in the supply chain management processes over the past decade. The entire logistics system has changed, not least because of the introduction of e-commerce platforms. There are more shipments being processed daily and customers have higher expectations.

To meet all these requirements and to fight the competition, IoT has been adopted in the logistics industry. There was a time in history when there was no staff, no markets, and very low-profit margins. This sector was greatly affected. However, everything changed slowly after IoT was adopted.

The labor cost was reduced, making it easier to meet the needs of even the most fragmented markets. Profits also increased. The supply chain has seen improvements thanks to IoT, blockchain, cloud systems, and many other factors.

As the overall system became more efficient, real-time communication and tracking were introduced. To make the system more productive and effective, there are many innovations.

IoT is more than just a tool for logistics. It also helps with communication, GPS tracking, and other functions.

Benefits and Challenges of IoT in Logistics

Benefits of IoT in Logistics

IoT offers many benefits, especially in logistics. It has helped improve the current conditions. IoT devices are powered by sensors, clouds, and network systems. The following are some of the main benefits of IoT in logistics:

  1. It assists in monitoring drivers’ behavior and maintaining the transport system.
  2. It allows you to track your inventory and can even be used for real-time identification of objects.
  3. This helps keep your product safe and secures your storage areas.
  4. It is useful for data transmission and networking.
  5. Customers can track their goods online and calculate the delivery time. The logistics department can also estimate the delivery time.
  6. This streamlines the entire process.
  7. The entire process can be controlled using tools, and any anomaly in the affected areas is immediately communicated.

IoT is changing the supply chain management system and patterns. IoT-enabled devices can improve communication between departments. There are currently no media breaks. Customers are satisfied, profits are made, and resources are properly allocated. Is there anything else you need?

IoT Logistics Challenges

It is difficult to decide whether IoT is necessary for an organization. Every new technology that is adopted by a business requires a large amount of investment. It is crucial to decide if it is necessary and how you will use it.

Changes are difficult to make after implementation. All departments are affected. The new skills that employees have to learn can cause demotivation in all departments. There are some challenges IoT in Logistics must overcome, such as:

  • The IT Department will continue to struggle with the logistic team or the operational staff.
  • It is difficult to learn IoT. It is difficult to learn and takes a lot of training. The personnel must go through skill development and training courses.
  • All data will be collected and analyzed once the implementation is complete. It is difficult to analyze a large volume of data.
  • It is not easy to maintain a balance between past activities and the current system.

Application of IoT in Logistics

Companies can use IoT in Logistics to reduce unnecessary costs and optimize their entire process. IoT encompasses so many steps, from supply to warehousing and transportation, that it is crucial to streamline them all.

1. Location Tracking

The location tracking app plays an important role in logistics. There are three basic types of locations.

Manufacturer to Supplier

This allows each vendor to track the material they have delivered to the manufacturer/producing company. The manufacturing unit can change the vendor if delivery is delayed for any reason.

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