Threat Hunting and Sigma Rules

To identify suspicious network activity, threat hunters traditionally employ highly specialized tools and solutions. These solutions can be broken into three main areas which correlate with the stage of the threat hunting process. Initially, threat hunters would start by initiating security data collection and network monitoring technologies, querying, and analyzing log files. Security information and event management (SIEM) tools assist in managing this unprocessed security data.

Cyber resilience has become a such crucial dimension of any modern business, and not many organizations have enough skilled employees or adequate vulnerability detection systems in place to achieve this. Organizations that need high levels of sustainable cyber resilience often find that partnering with a specialist in cyber security and threat hunting has a high return on investment rate.

Limitations of Native SIEM

Without the proper assistance and third-party solutions, SIEM systems are limited due to some inherent drawbacks related to complexity. A SIEM approach utilizes the log data that firewall security rather than monitoring for security incidents in real-time. Secondly, SIEM is a complicated solution that needs assistance to integrate successfully with an organization’s security measures and the numerous hosts in its infrastructure.

The specific needs of the organization must be considered when configuring SIEM systems. In the same way, that it is preferable to write your analysis reports, native SIEM queries cannot be used directly out of the box, so to speak. It must be tailored to the many specific dangers that could exist in the organization. Much of the implementation period, according to many organizations, was spent on personalizing and configuring SIEM. Due to the intricate configuration required to make SIEM work properly, it typically takes some time for it to be effective after implementation.

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