Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools

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It can seem like too much work to move to the cloud. All of the moving parts teams struggle with cloud migration and downtime because of the amount of effort required. It can be difficult to know where to begin and feel overwhelmed. These things don’t need to be a concern for teams. They use cloud migration tools to assist them in their cloud migration process.

Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools

1. AWS Migration Services

AWS Migration Services securely and quickly migrates databases to AWS. This tool is designed to minimize downtime for database-dependent applications.

AWS Migration Services users don’t need to make any changes to the source databases. However, they will need to install drivers and applications. It can monitor target databases continuously and automatically restart if there’s an interruption.


  • Performs database migrations, both homogeneous and heterogeneous.
  • Performs continuous data replication for multiple use cases
  • Data migration into the cloud is possible for development purposes

2. Azure Migration Tools

Azure Migrator Tools provide a central location for teams to start, execute and track their Azure migrations. This tool allows an extensible and flexible approach by using assessment and migration tools to simplify your migration process.

Azure Migration Tools provides end-to-end progress monitoring for both server and database migrations. This tool acts as a central hub for all on-premises and off-premises migrations.


  • Flexible and extensible to simplify your migration
  • To track and manage your migrations, integrate with tools that are specific to your workload
  • Ensure compliance with your migrations

3. Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite MOVE is another tool to help teams move seamlessly between cloud and platform environments. This tool recognizes that data migration can be dangerous and could cause downtime or data loss.

Carbonite Migrate reduces data migration risk by creating a repeatable and structured process for data migration. The tool allows teams to innovate quickly and ensure their workloads run on the right platform.


  • Migration of workflows from physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments
  • There’s very little downtime and almost instant failover in the event of an emergency
  • Outstanding technical and customer support

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