Top 10 Market Research Tools

20 Best Market Research Tools

1. Qualaroo

  • It is easy to set up, and you can immediately start receiving feedback.
  • Professionally designed survey templates that ask the right questions.
  • Real-time interaction with your visitors. Contextual responses are valuable.
  • It is easy for users to determine the location and who are the survey targets
  • Can assist in creating detailed customer journey maps.
  • Based on engagement, ask for feedback about the app/website/product from the audience.
  • Supports branching logic for easy access to redundant users
  • Integration with popular tools such as Zapier, Hubspot, and Slack.
  • It is ideal for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction using Net Promor Score (NPS), surveys.
  • This tool helps to collect user experience feedback (UX) at all stages of any product’s design.
  • Test prototype templates using non-obtrusive pop-up surveys called Nudges (TM).
  • The sentiment analysis engine makes it easier to analyze customer sentiments.
  • Reports require more filters and export options.
  • The survey dashboard does not have a bulk button.

2. Google Trends

  • This shows the frequency of your search term in Google in relation to the website’s total search volume over a period of time.
  • Add location filters to refine your search.
  • The trend is presented graphically to allow for better visualization.
  • It is easy to answer surveys from any device, mobile or tablet, as well as computer.
  • Integrates with popular tools like Zapier and
  • The data is organized into Google Sheets and can be presented instantly without any modifications.
  • This tool is useful for obtaining keyword-related and geographical data about users.
  • Instantly discover any spikes in search results due to special events
  • Sometimes, the search term is not relevant.
  • It only shows relative numbers. A comparison analysis is therefore necessary.



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