Top 10 Shipping Software for Growing eCommerce Businesses

Shipping software is in high demand in eCommerce. Many people don’t realize the many benefits of shipping software. They stick with the old methods, which can lead to a sales decline.

Your profit margin could be affected if your users don’t have a seamless and fast experience. Shipping isn’t as exciting as other aspects of eCommerce like product design, marketing, and sales. However, it is essential to manage shipping efficiently in order for your eCommerce company to thrive.

Shipping software can help you do it efficiently, provided that you select the right one for you.

Because of its ease-of-use delivery, easy returns, and flexible options, it will allow your customers to continue purchasing from you.

Let’s talk about shipping software and how it can benefit your business.

What is Shipping Software?

Shipping software allows eCommerce businesses to connect with shipping companies such as FedEx and DHL. It facilitates easy shipping and order management. This software can streamline and automate shipping services and delivery procedures that were previously handled manually. The software can also identify and resolve shipping-related problems.

You can choose from a variety of shipping companies. These are some of the most common shipping methods:

  • Regular shipping takes between 5–7 days and customers don’t have to pay any extra
  • Customers can choose between 2-day and same-day shipping. This requires them to pay an additional fee for faster delivery
  • Shipping overnight is not common and can come with additional charges

Other shipping options include international shipping, expedited delivery, air, ground, and weight-based shipping.

Shipping software solutions often offer additional services such as storage, packing, and shipping. You can also choose different shipping rates such as flat rate shipping at a fixed price for orders similar in distance and weight.

Real-time carrier costs can be requested during checkout. The cost will vary based on distance and weight. You can also opt for free shipping, which costs no shipping fees for customers. This helps to increase your conversion rate and decreases cart abandonment.

What is the purpose of a shipping solution for eCommerce businesses?

Shipping software is essential for any business, large or small, to streamline shipping, reduce churn and improve customer convenience.

Statisticians have shown that 76% of US customers cited fast shipping as their main reason for shopping online.

Amazon and other big companies are now offering same-day or next-day delivery to satisfy customer demands. Some trends show that customers abandon their carts because of long shipping times or high prices.

You should therefore consider all of these factors and select a shipping software that will provide a better user experience. The software has many benefits, including:

  • Customers will be attracted to faster shipping
  • You can sell anywhere you like, and your customers will too.
  • To increase customer convenience, there are more delivery options such as cost and shipping time
  • There are many carriers to choose from, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS.
  • To improve your services, you can collect feedback
  • Customers will be happy with easy returns and they will continue to shop from you.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of pick-up points to deliver and return their goods, to increase their convenience.
  • Delivery process automation, The software makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks and allows you to spend more time on customer service and making strategies.

How do you choose the best shipping software?

While most shipping software features and benefits are the same, there are still some differences. You should choose the right software for your company based on its unique needs.

Shipping volume

Think about your shipping volume in a month. Compare the shipping solutions based on the shipping volume they allow in a given month. This will allow you to narrow down the software that is most affordable for your business and does not appear to have a significant financial overhead.


You should verify that the shipping software is available in the region where your business operates. You need to pick the shipping software that best serves your customers. It would not be worth it.


To choose the right shipping software for your business, consider your customers’ expectations and profit margin. Different shipping software can offer common features such as tracking management, shipping label printing, and email notifications. If your business needs them, you can also use advanced features such as dropshipping and inventory management.

It is important to select software that has the most useful features for your business.

Ease of use

No matter what level of technical skill, the shipping software that you choose should be simple to use for everyone on your team. The dashboard must be clear and provide all details about orders, shipment, fulfillment, inventory, and other pertinent information.

It must also be compatible with other tools used by your team to increase their productivity. Rather than switching between multiple tools, you should save time.

Customer support

As issues can arise at any moment, customer support is vital. You should choose shipping software that provides excellent customer support via various means such as calls, chat, and emails. You should be able to easily understand the information base and answer common questions.

Top 10 Shipping Software for Growing eCommerce Businesses

Let’s take a look at the top shipping software on the market.

1. Easyship

Do you have a confused mind about choosing the right shipping partner for your eCommerce business?

This powerful shipping software, Easyship, is designed to grow your business, save you money, delight customers, and save you time. You can filter your search to find the best, fastest, cheapest, and so on.

Easyship provides tracking and shipping services at a lower price than courier companies which charge so much per package. You can see 250+ courier services such as DHL, UPS, and USPS. This will allow you to save up to 89% on the cost of shipping to your customers.

Easyship works with top international couriers to increase your sales worldwide. You can automate your shipping processes by managing everything, including shipping, tracking finances, scheduling return pickups, creating labels, and comparing prices.

Their shipping consultants will also create a strategy that meets your business needs. You can enhance customer experience by sharing all details with them, from the moment you receive orders to the delivery of a package. This includes the tracking number and SMS.

Easyship offers a way for businesses to save money on shipping while increasing their revenue. Easyship is the perfect solution for any business, no matter how big or small.

Startups get 100 free packages per month. You can upgrade to a paid plan to increase the shipping limits as your business grows.

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The Tech Trend is a leading platform of news & information on the latest Tech, Business Growth, Startup, Digital Innovation, Reviews, Fintech, & many more.

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