What are the Benefits of Automated Loading Systems?

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2 min readJul 29, 2022


One of the most significant areas that the logistics process that has evolved in recent years is automated loading systems. The benefits are numerous and significant, from a reduction in labour costs to positive effects on sustainability. We spoke to the team at Joloda Hydraroll to find out more.


One of the main benefits of an automated loading system is speed. Automated trailer loading solutions (or ATLs) can be incredibly rapid, even with heavy loads. Using one, a 30-ton trailer load can be completed within just two minutes. Overall, automated loading systems tend to be around three times faster than conventional methods.

Reduction in costs

While the upfront costs of a modern automated loading system can be significant, the savings are also potentially massive. Typically, businesses that purchase an automated loading system will see an ROI in just three years.


One of the most significant areas where costs are reduced is labour. Unautomated loading is labour intensive and can require a large team working around the clock. Automated loading systems aren’t entirely void of human components of the course, but they’re far more efficient, and mean that the people who are involved can be more productive in the areas that they’re actually needed.


Another area where costs can be reduced is with machinery. Automated loading systems generally don’t require forklift trucks, which can significantly reduce expenditure, in multiple areas such as procurement, maintenance, operation and fueling.

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